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Elements of Applied Leadership

This two-day professional development workshop provides an excellent practical foundation on leadership in the private, public and not-for profit sectors. It has been designed with globalisation in mind where cross- cultural communication skills are vital for increasing profits and delivering services. It is a practical workshop that will enable participants to formulate a personal Action Plan to improve their leadership skills.

Upcoming training workshop

  • Course name:

    Elements of Applied Leadership

  • Dates:

    to be scheduled
  • Duration:

    2 days
  • Venue:

    Accra, Ghana
  • Price:

    900 US$
  • Description

    The Applied Leadership workshop consists of three components that will provide participants with greater understanding of leadership in the work place. The first component focuses on the theoretical understanding of leadership in general, as well as within different societies. The second component focuses on greater understanding of the participants’ own leadership styles, their followers and the operating environment within which they function. The final component focuses on two key areas – cross cultural communication and change management - that require excellent leadership skills to achieve successful outcomes. At the end of the workshop, the participants will have formulated a personal Action Plan that can form the foundation for applying exemplary leadership in their workplace, whether in a local or global context.

  • Objective

    The principal objective of the Applied Leadership workshop is to create a greater conceptual understanding of leadership in a global environment. Further to enable participants to develop a practical personal leadership Action Plan for improving their leadership skills.

  • Audience

    The target audience is anyone who is already in a management or leadership position, and would like to improve their leadership skills, or anyone who would like to become a leader in their organisation  The course is applicable for people working in the private, public and not –for profit sectors.

  • Pre-requisites

    No prior familiarization of leadership concepts is required.

  • Learning outcomes

    By the end of the workshop participants should:

    • Be aware of the difference between leadership and management;
    • Understand the key theoretical concepts of leadership in a global perspective;
    • Should be able to define leadership as appropriate within their organisation;
    • Understand the practices of successful and exemplary leaders;
    • Should know what to do to improve their own leadership skills;
    • Understand their followers and how to motivate them to greater productivity;
    • Understand their working environment whether it is public services or the business market place;
    • Greater understanding of cross-cultural dynamics in the global workplace; and
    • Understand how to manage change in their organisation.
  • Learning methods

    The learning methods will include the following:

    • The introduction of key leadership theories from key writers in this area;
    • The use of group exercises to define leadership and how to measure leadership styles;
    • The use of a case study to analyse leadership on different levels, context and situations;
    • The use of role play to introduce conflict resolution between leaders and followers;
    • The use of five-minute buzz groups to encourage experiential learning and
    • An individual exercise where participants develop their own leadership Action Plan.
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