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idilmat's Decentralization Programme

The increasing emphasis on service delivery in developing countries is fuelling a shift to greater decentralization.  There are a number of successful examples where countries take the initiative to introduce innovative schemes to improve own revenue at the sub national government level.  A growing number of donors are focusing on increasing support to decentralization and local governance in many parts of the world. The decentralization arena is characterized by a multitude of actors and stakeholders. Frequently there is limited capacity to decentralize power and financial management to local authorities limiting the success of such initiatives. Decentralization presents a wide range of complex institutional and technical issues. In particular, it introduces further uncertainty into the segregation of roles and responsibilities between central government and sub national government institutions.

Under the decentralization programme, idilmat’s professional development workshops will help participants to develop the capacity to navigate through the complex maze of institutional arrangements, the requisite legal and regulatory frameworks, intergovernmental fiscal relationships, strategic planning roles, financial reporting, audit and legislative oversight.  The courses offered cover the areas of the legal and regulatory framework, traditional councils, institutional development, district development planning, budgeting, revenue administration, resource management and mining, industrial farming, forestry and fishing, intergovernmental fiscal relations, setting policy on corporate social responsibility standards, audit and legislative oversight.

Participants will qualify with the necessary tools to successfully implement, and support their country’s decentralisation agenda.

Training workshops

  • Revenue Management and Decentralization

    Date: to be scheduled
    Duration: 2 days

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  • Composite Budgeting and Decentralization: Issues and Solutions

    Date: to be scheduled
    Duration: 5 days

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