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Nico Pretorius

Nico Pretorius Nico Pretorius is originally from South Africa but has been living and working in the UK for the last ten years. He has 16 years of vast experience in the South African public service and served as a diplomat in Australia and Zambia. He was actively involved in the public service reforms following the democratic elections in South Africa (1994). He coached and mentored senior managers from the previously disadvantaged population to assist them in their new management roles.

He has extensive experience in the private sector where he has worked in the events management sector as well as in management consultancy. He has practical experience in change management in the private sector where he was responsible for changing the operational strategy of a supplier to two major UK retailers.

He is also a qualified golf coach and has trained thousands of golfers of all levels ranging from beginners to professionals in South Africa, Ghana and England. He is a full member of the European Golf Teachers Federation (EGTF) and published a book Basic Golf Skills in 2004.

Nico holds a MA in Social Anthropology from Northwest University, South Africa and a MBA in Public Service (International) from Birmingham University, UK.


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