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Our vision

Our vision is to emerge and remain a leading agent for the development of relevant and effective capacity across the developing world in the areas of public policy, public finance, resource management, economic development and the delivery of services.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop a leading resource center for professional development workshops, management tool kits, and a professional networking platform for public and private sector leaders and other central development drivers in the areas of resource, financial and technology management; adopting simple and direct approaches to effect capacity improvement and thereby support our clients’ concrete progress toward meeting their development goals.

Our core values

Ours is an unyielding commitment to capacity development through uncompromising, in depth, competent assessments of country challenges and knowledge transfer to encourage, enable and accelerate the adoption of effective and relevant approaches to solving developing country problems. We hold as a core value the application of thoughtful, appropriate leadership and management practices and the selection of practical solutions that have a clear and discernible impact on client performance.

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