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idilmat's Real Estate Development Programme

Real estate is one of the key sectors driving growth in many parts of the developing world. It has been closely associated with the development of the financial sector in many countries. One key factor of real estate in the developing world is how to secure land procurement and ownership. These challenges of land procurement and ownership are a crucial consideration in foreign and domestic direct investment pertaining to the commercial and industrial sectors. Risk assessment associated with real estate has unique perspectives when considered in the context of the developing world that cannot be ignored.  If well understood they offer grand investment opportunities.  The opportunities for value creation as much of the developing world begins to enter the global economy are unique in today’s global real estate market place.  

Given a macro-economic context of high inflation and depreciating currencies, depreciation accounting does not offer a full protection on invested capital.   But value accounting, less direct or simple, provides compensating perspectives at revealing more reliable estimates of investment potential.   In principle a discussion of real estate requires innovative real world considerations informed by the lessons of both successful and failed real estate ventures in the developing world.

Idilmat’s real estate programme includes course that will help real estate developers, construction firms, banks, entrepreneurs and risk management specialists understand the key components of real estate development and investment in the developing world.  These courses will serve as an effective entry point for investment considerations in the real estate sector. Courses include: real estate marketing and sales, real estate development strategy, real estate financing and contract management. 

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