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Idilmat programmes

Idilmat’s role is to provide capacity development support on leadership, management and the application of technology to development.  Idilmat’s Capacity Development programmes have been designed to offer our clients a wide choice of pertinent, highly effective professional development workshops, seminars and training.  These have been designed to effectively support their efforts to achieve their capacity development goals. But Capacity Development encompasses more than just workshops, seminars and training. Capacity Development, applied to both people and institutions, involves the improvement of systems, the strengthening of procedures, the specification and design of laws and regulations and the design and implementation of reforms.   This requires a competent assessment of current weaknesses, the development of peoples knowledge and skills as well as their access to effective tools and approaches.  It also requires the effective communication between people.

Our approach looks to address all of these aspects by providing our clients more than just professional development workshops, but also follow on support, peer-to-peer networking support, management toolkits, an electronic resource library and advisory services. 

Our service perspective is the developing country context that focuses on the relevance and effectiveness of initiatives, systems, tools and processes.  Our programmes serve both the public and private sectors and our courses are offered in English and French.  

Public Sector Programmes

Under Idilmat’s public sector programmes our primary areas of focus include public finance management (PFM), governance, public policy and development economics, decentralization, public private partnerships, oil and gas resource management, sector strategy  and infrastructure planning and strategy applied at the national and sub national levels.   

Some of the courses offered under the public sector programmes bring a private sector perspective to them.  Private sector programmes include elements of public sector aspects since government policy and operations impacts upon private sector opportunity and practice.  Forums where both the public sector and private sector perspectives can be heard and discussed are an important part of developing capacity.

For all of the professional development workshops offered under our programmes, participants receive course handouts, course readers, DVDs with presentations, papers and simple productivity tools.  Lunch and refreshments are provided as part of all workshops.


Closely related to economic development and the successful delivery of services is good governance. This portfolio of courses is designed to ensure that participants leave with the skills and tools necessary to improve good governance in their environment.

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Public Policy and Development Economics

Our suite of professional development workshops is not a standard development economics one. idilmat gives participants a critical analysis of the concepts and tools that have stood the test of time in diverse environments, whether the Solow model as an economic development tool or the New Public Management concept as a reform one for the public sector, allowing attendees to “pressure test” their relevance to their local economies and organizations. 

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Public Finance Management

Under the Public Finance Management (PFM) Programme, idilmat offers courses based upon simple, robust analytical frameworks. Our approach serves as a practical basis for integrating the different components of Public Financial Management (PFM): revenue administration, cash management, debt management, payroll management, non-salary expenditure management, internal audit, financial reporting and accounting, recording, external audit, and parliamentary oversight.

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Oil and Gas Resource Management

Large oil and gas revenues pose special challenges to the public finance management systems of a country with respect to revenue volatility, capacity, revenue administration, discretionary elements of revenue obligations, cash management, especially with regards to tax audit. Further it presents opportunities for corruption. Idilmat’s experts bring direct, wide country, experience in the oil and gas sector to the professional development workshops.  Our professional development workshops examine critical issues to the sector through case studies and present effective approaches to oil and gas resource management.

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Public Private Partnership

Our Public-private partnership professional development workshops are fully cognizant of both the opportunities and the challenges implicit in pursuing the public private partnership strategy. idilmat’s professional development workshops are specifically designed to allow participants to get a comprehensive perspective on meeting policy objectives through Public-private partnerships as well as gain insights into both the technical and managerial aspects of such arrangements and their successful implementation.

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Sector Strategy and Management

idilmat has developed a series of professional development workshops that address issues of policy, budget formulation and financing to implementation. The professional development workshops provide robust analytical frameworks to test the viability of various strategies within a fiscal framework mindful of cost drivers and other parameters that impact their evolution overtime.

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Under the decentralization programme, idilmat’s professional development workshops will help participants to develop the capacity to navigate through the complex maze of institutional arrangements, the requisite legal and regulatory frameworks, intergovernmental fiscal relationships, strategic planning roles, financial reporting, audit and legislative oversight.

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Private Sector Programmes

Idilmat’s private sector programmes have been designed to offer courses that are fully cognizant and reflective of the strong influence of the governance and macroeconomic context in which the private sector operates in the developing country context.  Capacity development for the private sector must avoid “cookie cutter” business school solutions and look to assess business opportunity and risk based upon a clear and unvarnished appraisal of the developing country context.  Our primary areas of focus include leadership, banking and finance, real estate development, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Financial management

Sound and effective Financial Management provides the bedrock for sustained growth and profitability in the private sector.  Investment analysis, supply chain management, warehouse management and inventory control, procurement, internal audit, financial analysis, strategic planning, financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting and cost of service studies, risk analysis and management, external audit, and tax planning are all important elements of financial management.  The firm that effectively addresses each of these together can make the difference between success and failure; whether the firm be operating in the service industry, is into production, or mining, or agribusiness or in be the utility business.

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Idilmat’s leadership programme inspires people, companies and institutions to discover and nurture their innate leadership abilities.  A leadership based upon a clear vision, ethics, inspiration and mission of positive change fully cognizant and sensitive to peoples differing personality types and needs.  Our programme does not attempt to recommend any particular model of leadership but guide our participants to learn from the principles that have guided some of the world’s most successful leaders, enabling them to develop a ‘critical perspective’ on the current and enduring leadership concepts and practices.

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Banking and Finance

In the context of the current market, more volatile than ever and rapidly growing in sophistication, learning the latest tools and techniques will help traders to limit losses through better risk-control, increase profits while increasing volumes. The workshops in Financial trading also review recent trends in financial markets and discuss how these trends affect market participants in their specific markets.

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The idilmat marketing program contains courses designed to give attendees the tools necessary to market their “brand” in their own environment through our unique offering of a combination of lectures by our multi-national faculty; in-depth case studies and discussions as well as computer simulations.

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Real Estate Development

Idilmat’s real estate programme includes course that will help real estate developers, construction firms, banks, entrepreneurs and risk management specialists understand the key components of real estate development and investment in the developing world.  These courses will serve as an effective entry point for investment considerations in the real estate sector. Courses include: real estate marketing and sales, real estate development strategy, real estate financing and contract management.

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Our business workshops on entrepreneurship speak directly to the specific challenges of our environment and examine the normal business dimensions of marketing, production, finance, risk management, and investments analysis in the light of the developing country context.   Our courses cover the areas of developing business plans, raising financing, setting up businesses, implementing ideas, developing a winning team, getting on a fast track to web visibility, managing tax obligations, and assessing and understanding and managing the macroeconomic context.

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