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What we do

Idilmat provides Capacity Development Support to the Public and Private Sectors. Our service perspective is the developing country context and we emphasize a no nonsense approach to capacity development that focuses on the relevance and effectiveness of initiatives, systems, tools and processes. Our core business is capacity development and support on leadership, management and the application of technology to development. Our primary areas of development focus include public policy, public finance management, resource management and infrastructure planning and strategy applied at the national and sub national levels. Our capacity development strategies are applied in the Agriculture, Energy, Communications, Transport, Education and Health sectors.

Our clients include Tullow Oil, DFID, the Government of Ghana, the Government of Botswana, Belgian Technical Cooperation, The European Commission, and the African Development Bank.  Participants we  have served include officials from the World Bank, USAID, the Government of Gambia, the Government of Trinidad, the Government of Jamaica, the Government of Nepal, CIDA, DANIDA, KFW and CIDA.

Our Programmes

Public Sector Programmes

Idilmat provides services to the public sector under a number of programmes including Governance, Public Policy and Development Economics, Public Finance Management (includes revenue management, public procurement and audit), Oil and Gas Resource Management, Public Private Partnerships, Sector Strategy and Management – Energy, Health, Education, Transport and Communications, and Decentralization.

Private Sector Programmes

Idilmat´s programmes in the private sector focuses on Financial ManagementLeadership, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship. In each case these private sector programmes are dealt with in the context of the developing world


The Scope and Focus of our Services and Products

Our foremost commitment is to quality of the highest standards, the relevance and effectiveness of our services and products. We go further in our capacity development at idilmat by offering an extensive panoply of services and products offered that go well beyond pro-forma training to also providing pro-active custom tools for more effective hands-on management and a peer-to-peer professional networking facility. The scope and focus of our services are outlined in this section. Our main services and products include:

  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Leadership Seminars and Executive Coaching

  • Custom Software Tools

  • Training Videos

  • Technology Manuals and Management Guides

  • Facilitation of development professionals networking across the developing world through web based services for easy interaction and the sharing of ideas and experiences.

  • Management Tools and Management Toolkits

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