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idilmat's Entrepreneurship Programme

Entrepreneurship in the developing country context presents unique and particular challenges.  Making entrepreneurship relevant for the developing world requires more than a business school text-book approach. In macroeconomic contexts with high levels of inflation, constantly depreciating currencies, and high interest rates, much business opportunities appear limited to short term considerations.  Consequently much more opportunities appear to be with liked with trading in contrast to longer term ventures such as manufacturing or providing services. The long-term perspective to investment in the developing country context demands more than just innovation, market penetration, and financial management. It also requires effective hedging techniques against an unstable macroeconomic environment.   These concerns are made ever more challenging given the large and dominant public sectors often characterised by inefficiency, perceived and real corruption and the complicated maze of licensing and certification regulations.   The introduction of inexpensive PCs, business software, mobile phone telephony, the Internet and a host of new technologies, the coming of age of globalization all provide immense new opportunities for enterprising and innovative business people.

Our business workshops on entrepreneurship speak directly to the specific challenges of our environment and examine the normal business dimensions of marketing, production, finance, risk management, and investments analysis in the light of the developing country context.   Our courses cover the areas of developing business plans, raising financing, setting up businesses, implementing ideas, developing a winning team, getting on a fast track to web visibility, managing tax obligations, and assessing and understanding and managing the macroeconomic context.

Training workshops

  • Setting Up a Business

    Date: to be scheduled
    Duration: 2 days

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  • How to Develop an Effective Business Plan

    Date: to be scheduled
    Duration: 5 days

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