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idilmat's Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme

Public-private partnerships are increasingly being introduced throughout the developing world as a solution to the challenge of financing development; whether such arrangements be through concessions, build own and opperate (BOO) arrangements or through build own operate and transfer (BOOT) arrangements. Public-private partnerships present developing countries with a potentially effective alternative vehicle for accelerated development, especially in the area of infrastructure.   Particular concerns that arise with respect to Public-private partnerships are the risk of them being addressed under extra-budgetary arrangements.  Consequently any consideration of Public-private partnerships must include the treatment of deferred liability reporting, budgetary and parliamentary oversight, external audit and the public procurement arrangements.

Our Public-private partnership professional development workshops are fully cognizant of both the opportunities and the challenges implicit in pursuing the public private partnership strategy. idilmat’s professional development workshops are specifically designed to allow participants to get a comprehensive perspective on meeting policy objectives through Public-private partnerships as well as gain insights into both the technical and managerial aspects of such arrangements and their successful implementation.  These insights will help Governments take advantage of the opportunities presented while mitigating against the risks involved in such partnerships. In addition to developing their expertise in this field, participants will be equipped with tools to evolve their individual, local systems for procurement and contract management. Whether the vehicle of Public-private partnership is for the development of hospitals in the health sector, roads and rail facilities, water resources and sanitation or prison services the individual courses, under this programme umbrella, will ensure that participants leave with the tools necessary to develop policy, design systems and organize units to optimally plan and manage public private partnership programmes.  

Under idilmat’s Public Private Partnership Programme courses span the areas of policy and strategic planning, design, public procurement and competition, financial reporting and audit, budgetary impacts and legislative oversight.

Training workshops

  • Introduction to Public Private Partnerships

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    Duration: 3 days

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