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How to Prepare Successful Grant Applications

This 5 day course is designed firstly to expose participants to the full range of grants available from major donors/development partners and secondly elaborate the step by step approach in identifying the relevant thematic areas. An important aspect of this course involves taking participants through the rigorous discipline of how to write winning proposals that surpass the minimum quality criteria of the required guidelines

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  • Course name:

    How to Prepare Successful Grant Applications

  • Dates:

    to be scheduled
  • Duration:

    5 days
  • Venue:

    Accra, Ghana
  • Price:

    2000 US$
  • Description

    The course examines the use of Grant Contracts as an implementation modality by the major Donors/Development partners in pursuit of development cooperation objectives. An analysis will be made of all the different steps of preparing a call for proposal with emphasis on how to write winning proposal as well their evaluation and implementation.

  • Objective

    The principal workshop objective is to ensure participants have enhanced capacity, capabilities and understanding in the areas of Grant Contracts.

  • Audience

    The target audienceincludes those involved in development projects, particularly policy makers (Government and Donors/Development Partners), Planning Officers of Line Ministries and in particular NGOs.

  • Pre-requisites

    There are no pre-requisites for this course but knowledge of the Project Cycle Management and the Logical Framework Approach would be an advantage. 

  • Learning outcomes

    Participants will have a better understanding of:

    • The basic rules applicable to Grant Contracts.
    • How to prepare call for proposals for Grant Contracts
    • How to write a winning proposal
    • Evaluation of a call for proposals
    • Implementation of Grant Contracts
    • Procurement under a Grant Contract
  • Learning methods


    The Legal basis for use of Grant Contracts as an implementation modality in the development cooperation programme of the donors will be explained. The definition and types of Grants used by Different Donors will be clarified


    The Management Modes determines the Contracting Authority for the Grant Contracts i.e. who signs the Grant Contract with the Beneficiaries. A thorough examination will be made of the different Management Modes to gain a better insight into the implication different options available.


    The basic principles of Grant Contracts will be explained with particular emphasis on difference with normal procurement contracts.


    The Eligibility Criteria with regards to the participation in a Grant call for proposal is determined by the Contracting Authority. The decision is based on nationality in the case of Legal/Natural persons or Origin in the case Supplies. The importance of the Eligibility Criteria will be examined with particular attention to the difference between the major donors.


    The principles of how Grant Contracts are awarded will be discussed. A particular distinction between a direct award and an award following the standard competitive procedure will be discussed and clarified.


    There are a vast range of stakeholders with interests in Grant Contracts. A very detailed classification of the various groups will be explained to clarify the role and responsibilities of each stakeholder or Beneficiary group.


    Types of Call for Proposals are usually determined by the value and duration of implementation. An exhaustive list the range of types of proposals will be examined.


    The success of any Grant Contract depends on how well it responds to the Call for Proposals i.e. the Guidelines and Application Form. Using the most recent templates, a step-by-step approach will be employed to respond to a typical call for proposal thus ensuring how to write winning proposals that surpass the minimum quality criteria of the required guidelines


    Evaluation process of a call for proposal is a vital aspect of the procedure and needs to be clearly understood by all stakeholders involved in the Grant call for proposals. The entire evaluation process will be explained including the roles and responsibilities of the Evaluation Committee and also how Evaluations Grids are scored.


    It is worth stressing that Grants Contracts can only be determined as successful if they have been implemented according to the procedures agreed in the grant awarding contract.

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  • Programme:

    Public Policy and Development Economics
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