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Leadership Accelerated Performance

Managers oftentimes find themselves taking up responsibilities which they may not have been adequately prepared for and therefore lack sufficient managerial skills required for effective performance and productivity.   Using the experiential learning approach, the Leadership Accelerated Performance  (LEAP) workshop is highly interactive and engaging and deals with directly applicable competencies.  This Executive Workshop helps to uncover the richness of each participant’s own experience, knowledge and skill, by to unleash the creativity and awareness which we all share and which is essential for successful leadership. Leadership is a process that allows us to reveal and appreciate our many gifts and talents, and thereby transform our work in government, business and society. This three-day professional development workshop is designed for those in the public and private sectors, including development partner officials involved in the leadership and development of staff and stakeholders engaged in executive and managerial level positions, through the introduction of analytical frameworks and tools for leadership in the changing global context.  The workshop will address participants’ day-to-day work issues and challenges and provide tools to help them improve their performance back in the workplace. 

Upcoming training workshop

  • Course name:

    Leadership Accelerated Performance

  • Dates:

    to be scheduled
  • Duration:

    3 days
  • Venue:

    Accra, Ghana
  • Price:

    1800 US$
  • Description

    The LEAP workshop  explores the changing face of leadership and the new roles and responsibilities of those involved in leading and managing organisations and staff. The emphasis on an analytical framework approach provides the participant with relevant and effective tools to assess and understand a given organization’s structure and leadership capabilities. Further it looks at models currently recommended by leadership gurus as well as those recently introduced by the various governments, and assesses their appropriateness in the developing country context. Context is given a central emphasis in this workshop since leadership models which ignore a careful consideration of the local context are unlikely to succeed. 

    We take participants from their current competencies to their full potential performance in this highly interactive workshop.   We aim at real managerial competencies, i.e. what will the participants do differently after the intervention.  We involve your direct hierarchy approach as much as possible to identify competency gaps and challenges.  We always adapt to your organizational culture and specific issues, goals and objectives. 

    Key learning topics include:

    • The Role of Leadership in Organizational Strategy
    • Strategic Planning and Organizing
    • The Concept of Leading vs. Managing
    • Leadership Communication
    • Team Development  and Motivation
    • Leadership attributes and styles
    • Situational Coaching and Facilitation
    • Delegation and Empowerment
    • Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Managing and Measuring Performance
    • Business Acumen (including Finance for non-finance managers)

    Project Management Concepts

  • Objective

    By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Discharge their duties more effectively as leaders from a better understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader
    • Better understand how they fit into the “big picture’’ of the organisation and the responsibilities which they as leaders have in ensuring that their teams see the “big picture’’
    • Apply appropriate leadership styles in any situation
    • Effectively engage their teams with the appropriate use of  leadership and management skills
    • Coach their teams for improved performance
    • Set KPIs for their teams and objectively appraise performance
    • Creatively resolve conflicts within their teams
    • Learn how to get more done by delegating effectively
  • Audience

    Senior Managers and Executives who are strategically positioned and set direction for the actualization of business objectives of their organizations.

    Other resource managers at senior levels who want to learn strategies that would assist them to effectively and efficiently manage resources assigned to them.

  • Pre-requisites

    No pre-requisites, but please bring one or two examples of leadership experiences and challenges you have faced or are currently working on.

  • Learning outcomes

    • Be able to understand the origins of current used leadership approaches
    • Be able to question the relevance and limitations of some commonly used leadership
      models in an international context
    • Be able to discuss key attributes, competences and skills of effective leaders.
    • Be able to link theory with practice by analyzing and applying a set of leadership tools and
    • Be equipped with some simple frameworks for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of commonly used leadership approaches
    • Be able to analyse their environmental context in which leadership is required
    • Be able to select suitable approaches for a given context
    • Be able to apply a set of leadership techniques
  • Learning methods

    The learning methods will include the following

    • Introduction to key concepts through “teaching and discussion” methods
    • The use of original source material from key writers/thinkers in this area
    • The use of international examples and case studies from countries with different experiences to illustrate the challenges and dilemmas of leadership
    • The use of participatory exercises (in particular short "buzz-group" sessions) to provoke and
      consolidate points raised
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