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Corporate Governance

This three-day professional development workshop provides an excellent overview of the operating principles of effective corporate governance.   The course deals with a full range of corporate governance issues that have occupied regulatory agencies, corporate boardrooms, audit firms and corporate stakeholders for some time. These issues include the roles of board of directors, the identification, measurement and effective monitoring of risk, the rights of shareholders, managers, staff, suppliers and customers; the special role of institutional investors.  It highlights a number of issues by contrasting the practise of corporate governance in emerging markets compared to that in developed countries.  The course covers among other things: the strategic role of the board of directors, shareholders rights, the increasing importance of institutional investors, the special situation of financial institutions, an extensive analysis of corporate governance systems, corporate governance lessons from the financial crisis of 2008, assessing corporate governance in your organisation, corporate social responsibility as a business driver, local content and socially responsible investments.  Further it reviews some scandals which have driven demands for change in corporate institutional arrangements and practice.

Upcoming training workshop

  • Course name:

    Corporate Governance

  • Dates:

    to be scheduled
  • Duration:

    3 days
  • Venue:

    Accra, Ghana
  • Price:

    1300 US$
  • Objective

    The principal workshop objective is to provide participants with the tools to effectively understand the advantages as well as disadvantages, the opportunities as well as the risks of adopting a sound corporate governance structure.     

  • Audience

    The target audience are corporate executives, senior managers and senior analysts with regulatory institutions.

  • Pre-requisites

    There are no pre-requisite for this course however participants should have some basic exposure business practice at the executive level.

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  • Programme:

  • Level:

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