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Peter Fairman

Peter Fairman Peter Fairman has British and Canadian citizenship. He brings his extensive experience in macro-economics, macro-fiscal management, budgeting and other areas of PFM to the idilmat Capacity Development Network.

Obtaining his B.A. from Oxford University and a post-graduate certificate in education from Leicester University (also in UK), he later earned a Phd. in economics from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada, focusing on macro-fiscal issues in developing countries.

Mr. Fairman started his career as a teacher in England. Since then, he has mostly worked in several developing and transition economies in Africa, Asia, central and eastern Europe, Pacific Islands and the Caribbean, focusing on macro-fiscal management and PFM.

His experience was obtained in international institutions over several years -Asian and African Development Banks, World Bank (PEFA Secretariat), International Monetary Fund - then in long-term donor-financed advisory positions in Ministries of Finance (Mongolia and Uganda). Over the last seven years, Mr. Fairman has worked as a short-medium term consultant conducting PFM diagnostics studies (including 5 PEFA assessments), preparing PFM reform strategies, and providing technical assistance.

Capacity building mainly through training has comprised an important component of many of his assignments, with courses covering all aspects of PFM, with particular focus on macro-fiscal frameworks and budgeting/MTEFs. Most recently (June-July 2009 and 2010) he was part of teams preparing PFM training courses and delivering these to EU officials.


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