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Mauro Napodano

Mauro Napodano Mauro Napodano is from Italy and is an expert in macroeconomics and Public Finance Management (PFM) who works professionally in English and Italian. He brings to the idilmat Capacity Development Network over 20-year experience, providing advisory services to Governments in developing and transition countries. He specializes in Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks (MTEF) and the Sector Wide Approach (SWAP). He has lead a number of teams in program policy and expenditure reviews and public investment analysis in a number of developing and transition countries including Egypt, Ghana, Brazil, Georgia, Mongolia, Azerbaijan and Albania. He has developed a number of professional workshops in a number of countries on macroeconomic and PFM issues and works in a number of sectors including education, health, environment and tourism. He has served as a PFM expert in Ghana focusing on donor budget support; Egypt, where he piloted the implementation of an MTEF in the Ministry of Education, and helped the Ministry of Finance to define a work-plan for the roll out of the exercise to all ministries. His recent work includes introducing the MTEF methodology in Georgia as he pursues work in Albania, which aims to strengthen the link between policy making and budgeting. In Africa he has worked extensively in the SADEC and Maghreb region on public and private investment analysis. Mr. Napadano has a master´s degree in Economics from the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ with a dissertation on terms of trade for developing countries.


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