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Liz Springer-Bawuah

Liz Springer-Bawuah Liz J Springer-Bawuah is from the United Kingdom, and brings to the idilmat capacity development network her vast expertise in training, analysis, and consultancy in organisational change management. For the last 20 years, she has been working with a broad-range of clients in the fields of education and health, transport, oil and gas, information technology, investments, finance, retail, media and e-commerce.

She has delivered successful operational development strategies in business improvement for both the private and public sectors. These large projects focused on people, processes, performance and productivity through workshops, consultancy and strategic mentoring, creating new concepts and business models, strategic planning, change management, and risk management.
Among recent clients are the Central Bank of Nigeria, Rhizome Consulting, British Airways, Transport For London, Cazenove, Thames Valley University and Reality New Media.

Besides delivering personally developed innovative training workshops in strategic leadership and management, Mrs Springer-Bawuah is a speaker for national and international conferences and seminars in personal and business development, and is also an accomplished author. Liz has regularly contributed to TV, appeared on national lunchtime news and BBC international radio.

Mrs. Springer-Bawuah holds a national diploma in Business and Finance from the Business Technical Education Council, Paddington College in the U.K and a Diploma from the Information Systems Examinations Board in Business Analysis (UK).


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